Christianity: A Counter-culture

“Are you a Christian? Wow, we’ve been working together all this time and I never guessed you were religious!”
Has anyone ever said something like this to you? Such a statement ought to give us cause for reflection.
Do our friends know we are Christians?
Are they aware of our morality?
Can they witness the difference our religion makes in speech and conduct?
Can they observe the differences Christianity makes in how we fulfill our responsibilities?
Do they discern the difference Jesus makes in our family life?
Have they seen the way we approach crises, joys and sorrows?
While not a “show-business” religion, Christianity is not a secret one either. Jesus warned us not to make the practice of our faith a performance to be applauded (Matthew 6:1-6). But he also emphasized that we bring light into this darkened world by allowing others to see our good works and “glorify your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:15,16).
Blending in with the culture is something Christianity, by its very nature, cannot do. The way of Christ always runs contrary to the current standards of conduct. It is not an American or a “Western” culture. It is a Christian culture. At times in our history, the differences were less obvious. Nowadays, the distinction becomes ever clearer. The chasm between yawns ever wider.
This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that following Christ will require more self-denial and suffering. The good news is that the contrast between the kingdoms of light and darkness will become more defined. As our friends and neighbors become aware of the desirability of our full, purposeful and hopeful lives, it will be easier to share our faith with them. May we so live that others may clearly see the disparity between darkness and light.



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8 responses to “Christianity: A Counter-culture

  1. Terry Smith

    As of April 9th I was ask not to come back to a bible study that I had been involved with for eight months on the New Mexico collage campus in Gallup. The program is run by Intervarsity.
    This all came about when two parents complained that what the Bible taught was going against what they had always believed as “christians”.

    Teaching only what comes from God separates light from darkness, always!

  2. David Carr

    I was having a coffee with a stranger recently (there were no other seats!) and after a little while I started sharing the gospel with the elderly lady . When the issues got a little awkward she suggested it was inappropriate for me to talk with someone about Jesus and church while they were having a cup of coffee! I responded with the thought: “Would the coffee thing worry her if she realized Jesus could return to wrap up this world at any moment?” The apostle Paul urged evangelist Timothy to preach the word whether they want to listen or not!! I think we worry more about offending people than carrying out our urgent mission of taking the gospel to the whole world! That’s counter cultural!! David.

  3. Truman Scott


    It is good that you have an outlet for your writing genius. You are an insightful and penetrating writer with quality of thought. I look forward to enjoying your shared perspectives. Will there be some source of what is happening in the school in Sydney?

    Know of my treasured friendship and fraternity,

    Truman Scott

  4. ern smith

    The world is shrinking,in 12 hours I can be half way around the world.Religion moves just as fast.The days of comfortable christianity is nearing its end .Now more than ever the christian must not only be polite but be prepared to stand up for the cause of Christ.Let Christ shine like the sun in our conduct and courage.Give this ailing world the truth. Ern Smith…

  5. George Carman


    I will look forward to future postings. Enjoyed your writing on article on Christianity: A counter-culture. I do believe we who profess the name of Jesus should “say so” and should live in such a way that people won’t have to ask if we are Christians.

  6. Hey Dwight…glad to see you’ve got a site. Thanks for all you do and say around this place. It gets noticed!

  7. Dwight: I love your blog – a great read and I do hope there’s a window into the work in Australia that we can access, too!

    Blessings. Mark

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