Goodbye Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty    My ignorance regarding television is boundless.  Name a show and I probably can’t tell you what network it is on.  My wife knows all that so I don’t have to concern myself with such petty details. 

What I do know is that I used to like the show, “Ugly Betty.”  When the show won awards, I cheered.  When America Ferrera received her award, I was touched by her acceptance statement.  She said something about how she had received emails, cards from young women who were encouraged by her portrayal of Betty Suarez.  I was touched.  Perhaps a tear even came to my eye.But with the last few episodes, we have become aware of a growing coarseness. 

In the beginning the show had a wholesome air about it.  Unfortunately, that wholesome aroma has become a stench.  We decided that if it got any worse, we would leave.  It did and we did.  The last episode was the last straw; you know the one that broke the camel’s back? 

Yeah, we dig…they are doing it to improve the show’s ratings.  Rumor has it that it isn’t working.  But even if the ratings are punching through the ceiling, I wonder about those young, not-so-beautiful women Betty encouraged.  With all the fornication, in-your-face homosexuality, lying, cheating and general immorality, what message are they getting now?

I think I feel that tear returning to my eye. 


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  1. Laura

    I am with ya!

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