Is it worth it?

“The U.S. military announced Sunday that 14 American soldiers were killed over the past three days, including four in a single roadside bombing and another who was struck by a suicide bomber while on a foot patrol.”

If you are like me, you are bone weary of this war. I remember feeling the same way about the Vietnam war. The reason? It is futile. We will leave in a year…two years…and the civil war will erupt between the Sunnis and the Shiites with the Kurds thrown in for good measure. In Vietnam we propped up a corrupt regime and accomplished nothing but death for thousands of young men.

We Americans have become a warlike nation (maybe we have always been). We seem eager to enter into conflicts as policemen of the world. Who died and made America boss? Let’s get out within the next year and let them fight it out among themselves. History tells us that even if we stay and restore order, they will hate us for it.

Is it worth one more soldier’s life?


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  1. Bob Chapman

    We have all heard these statements from time-to-time: “Politics and religion don’t mix”. We have also heard: “Separate state and religion”.

    Well, now the politicians have a problem; they are trying to solve a religious threat with politics. They do not have a clue what they are up against. And to make matters worse; the so-called leading “great religions”, which include Christendom, are suggesting that governments take the politically correct step and embrace Islam as one of the “great religions” whose worshippers worship the same God just as they are worshipping.

    The threat of Islam is not about “great religions” of the world having diversification, but worshipping the same God; this is about spiritual warfare! Something governments and the “great religions” are not addressing because they have denied the living, active, history influencing, presence of the Godhead in the affairs of mankind and no longer believe God’s word.

    This conflict with Islam is about the kingdom of God verses the kingdom of Satan. This is about Jesus, God’s only Son, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the only truth, the only life, the only way home to God verses the teachings of a false prophet whose teaching is the doctrine of demons. This is about the kingdom of light verses the kingdom of darkness.

    Such a spiritual conflict between the principalities and powers in the heavenlies for the souls of mankind cannot be solved by politics or religion! Believers cannot look unto their governments and their religion this time to deliver them from this war. The only deliverance is through their faith in Jesus Christ and the realization that this conflict in the heavenlies has gone on before with the people of the Persian region who were permitted to rise up against God’s people to bring them back to their true spiritual senses in Daniel’s time. Even in that conflict the angel Michael had to fight the spiritual Prince of Persia in the heavenlies for three weeks before he could get through to Daniel.

    It is therefore up to believers to look away from the solutions their governments and their religions are offering and realise that this conflict with Islam is being permitted by God to bring about a transformation in the world where true disciples of Jesus Christ will again rise up from their comfortable pews and be counted for their faith and walk in the power of the kingdom of God in this world, thus convincing even the believer in Islam and religious Christendom that God is with the disciples of Christ alone; 1 Corinthians 14:25.

    Bob Chapman

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