What we can and cannot do

Here are some ramblings considering my previous post: The USA needs to quit bragging about how we are the greatest nation in the world (we aren’t and no amount of bragging will change that) and start taking care of our own business.  That way, we might be able to provide some basis for our boasting.  Take those billions spent on war and start taking care of our own people.

We need a humane immigration policy but we need to close our borders…let’s use our troops for that.

Let’s take the money we save and provide health care for those who cannot afford it.  We cannot right every wrong in the world but we can right some wrongs in our own nation.

Look at those countries we have helped with billions in aid and military assistance.  Do they like us?  When we are in trouble will they reciprocate?  Maybe when pigs fly.

I have a lot of other suggestions nobody is asking for, but that’s what blogging is about…isn’t it?



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6 responses to “What we can and cannot do

  1. Started to reply but thought better of it. You and I have vastly diverse views on this subject. 911 changed the world forever. I for one am pleased with a President that will take the battle to it’s origins and not wait for it to raise its head here in America for as long as possible. The threat from terrorism is unavoidable but it can be minimized. I am proud of my President and all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives or part of their lives to keep the war where it belongs. I learned something from Vietnam. I learned that baby boomers don’t have the stomach for war – necessary or not.

  2. dwhitsett

    Thank you for your comment. Feel free to reply…I understood this would be controversial.
    First of all, I am not a baby boomer…I was born to early for that. But I well remember Vietnam having observed it from two perspectives. Tell me. What did we accomplish there?
    Was Irag the origin of 911? We went into Iraq based on faulty intelligence. When it was determined that there were no weapons of mass destruction, we should have left. Afghanistan is understandable and necessary. Iraq is beyond understanding. I think we have proven in both nations that we have the stomach for war.
    I am so proud of our brave men and women in the military that I don’t want to see another single one die trying to keep the factions apart.
    Am I proud of our president? I am proud of many things about him. I am not obligated to agree with everything he does.

  3. dwhitsett

    An Australian friend writes:Hello Dwight. Amen to this. I lost count of the friends ( Aussie, US &
    Vietnamese) killed in Vietnam and those still suffering the after
    effects. The sooner the US pulls out the better.
    With hope & prayer,

  4. Louise Anderson

    What good will come from securing our borders, providing for our own in every way possible even though most could and should be providing for themselves and then we are attacked again by terriosts and oour nation is complete disabled? President Bush had the right Idea, we have to stop them before they do more damage to our nation. Whether he did it the best way or not, I haven’t a clue. I have not heard a better suggestion submitted.

    Yes, we do need to close the borders now and then deal with those that are here illegaly. Give them a chance to make it legal or send them back. Laws should be kept.

    As for whether those nations like us or not when we have been a benevolent nation means nothing. How many people have you helped personally that really like you? I think sometimes they resent the fact that you helped them, and some just think of you as an easy touch. They only call you when they need more help. Perhaps most of the people I have helped are those who have been helped too much already and just never seem to get out of the need to get more help. When we have helped the right people they will truly be gracious. As Christians, we are to give to those that ask. We don’t need to know whether they like us or not.

    From this one comment of yours I would say that those you will vote for are not interested in helping people to help themselves. As long as they are receiving help from the government they know that they will get their vote. Sure they offer them incentive programs to help them selves but if they take them and try to better themselves the government assistance is immediately pulled out from under them and suddenly they have to figure out how they can make that first paycheck cover all the goodies that the government had been giving them for doing nothing, such as free housing, medical care, food stamps, food bank, etc. So it seems best to take from the government and do nothing. It is enslaving of the American People. It is decay from the inside.

    One political party seems to know how to critisize tell what is wrong with our nation , but they do not seem to give any good advice to improve it. If you tell a child he is bad, wrong, ugly, etc. How long will he be a wonderful kid?


  5. Louise, I would agree with you if Iraq was the source of the 9-11 attack. Our role there has obviously changed from preventing terror in the US to keeping the Kurd, Sunni, Shiite factions from killing one another.
    As for the money we spend on aid and military intervention, some is absolutely necessary as in the case of disasters require humanitarian responses. But we “aid” a lot of other things that don’t fall in that category. Furthermore, we have “aided” some despots and dictators that turned and bit the hand that fed them.
    What kind of help am I talking about for our citizens? Healthcare primarily. The greed of the medical and insurance communities has made it impossible for the people “in the middle” to afford adequate care. Other countries (such as Australia) make provision for those who cannot afford adequate care…we just let ’em die.
    I believe the only valid help we can give people is to help them become more self-sufficient. But, are we helping people to help themselves? I believe we have the structure in place to do so but we have a Congress also motivated by greed that can’t seem to pass the necessary legislation.

  6. Dwight,

    I followed a link to your site from Kerry Williams’ blog and read this post. I couldn’t agree more. I tire of the idea that nonsupport for the current war in Iraq=not a patriot. I am also tired of the larger portion of Christianity saying that if I do not vote Republican in any election, I am in error, and possibly sinning.

    Regardless of the President’s morality, he has lied to us to support this fiasco in Iraq, and last I checked, that WAS a sin. I know that I am a sinner, and that it is by God’s grace that I am allowed the relationship with him through Christ that I currently have. I know that I do not stand in ultimate judgment of GWB, or any other man. Neither of those things stop me from exercising good judgment.

    For those keeping score, I served this country for six years during the first Gulf War. A war which I supported because it re-established a free country with kinship ties to this country in a vital region. Now? Now we are being bullies, forcing our policies down the throats of others, calling each other un-American if you don’t agree.

    My prayer mirrors yours: bring those men and women home, where they can do more good in support of this nation we call home, and stand out of harm’s way without true necessity.

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