Word from a Gulf War Veteran

Reaction has been mixed to my two blogs on the Iraq war…which I expected. Today I got a comment from Coy Thorpe that I think deserves being featured on today’s blog. I prefer to think GWB was not lying but operating on faulty intelligence. But now that we know the truth, it is time to make an exit. Furthermore, I agree with Coy that we are trying to force Western democracy upon people who are, at the most, ambivalent about it. Haven’t we got better things to do? Haven’t we got better causes to fight and die for?


I followed a link to your site from Kerry Williams’ blog and read this post. I couldn’t agree more. I tire of the idea that nonsupport for the current war in Iraq=not a patriot. I am also tired of the larger portion of Christianity saying that if I do not vote Republican in any election, I am in error, and possibly sinning.

Regardless of the President’s morality, he has lied to us to support this fiasco in Iraq, and last I checked, that WAS a sin. I know that I am a sinner, and that it is by God’s grace that I am allowed the relationship with him through Christ that I currently have. I know that I do not stand in ultimate judgment of GWB, or any other man. Neither of those things stop me from exercising good judgment.

For those keeping score, I served this country for six years during the first Gulf War. A war which I supported because it re-established a free country with kinship ties to this country in a vital region. Now? Now we are being bullies, forcing our policies down the throats of others, calling each other un-American if you don’t agree.

My prayer mirrors yours: bring those men and women home, where they can do more good in support of this nation we call home, and stand out of harm’s way without true necessity.

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