A Stranger in Paradise

am-samoa.jpg   Malo! (hello)

I am writing this post from an island somewhere in the Pacific.  Part of my work is to visit and work with congregations sprinkled across the South Pacific.  I know, I know…tough work but somebody’s got to do it.  Not only is American Samoa beautiful, but it is filled with beautiful people.  It is a joy to be here!  The Samoan language is lovely to listen to but impossible for newly arrived Palangi’s (non Samoans) to understand.  My host, Lynn Ashley (a Palangi) has lived here for fourteen years and speaks Samoan fluently.  Thankfully, most Samoans speak English but they love it if you try to learn some words.  The people are friendly, laid back and courteous.  If you are looking for a place that is not “touristy”…American Samoa is a good choice.  

If any of my readers would like to receive email reports regarding our ministry, MISSION SOUTH PACIFIC, just drop me a line at dwight.whitsett@gmail. com and I’ll add you to the list.  Lots of pictures.  Never “preachy.”

Until later, Tofa Soifua (goodbye)

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  1. I’d like to just say … WOW. Beautiful picture. I’d love to read more via email. When you get time add me to your email list treymorgan@msn.com


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