abu-ghraib-torture-715244.jpg It was interesting to watch Glenn Beck interview best selling author Vince Flynn tonight on CNN. Torture came up in the discussion and it was interesting to listen to them nervously defend it as sometimes necessary. It was a “the means justify the ends” kind of discussion.  It makes me wonder, dude, where did my country go? Americans torturing people? Say it ain’t so!

For years now I have watched my country participate in things, support people and prop up regimes that were definitely on the dark side. I have watched us support the worst of despots, dictators and tyrants simply because they were enemies of our enemies. So, perhaps I shouldn’t be amazed that we’re discussing the relative merits of torture.  I love my country but enough is enough! There is right and wrong and it is never right to do wrong.

Torture is just plain evil. Can you torture information out of a prisoner that will save lives? Yes. Does that make it OK? No. My Master, Jesus, tells us how to treat our enemies (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27). How can you reconcile such a teaching with torture?

Maybe the arguments from a Christian standpoint leave you cold. OK, then what kind of a nation are we going to be? Are we going to dive into the cesspool with the same barbarians we seek to bring to justice? I’m with McCain on this one, “This is really fundamentally about what kind of nation the United States of America is.”



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2 responses to “Torture

  1. I completely agree.

    It sickens me also to watch candidates who are using morality as their platform try to justify this behavior. When did this become okay?

    I remember watching Clinton ask for clarification on the word “is.” The spin and word-smithing that is being communicated by the White House today, I feel, is far worse. While what Clinton did was morally reprehensible and sinful, no one is dying. And Christians everywhere are holding up Bush as “the guy.” Patriotism is the new religion. What’s wrong with this picture?

    As for me, and my household, we will serve the Lord, whose kingdom is NOT OF THIS EARTH.

  2. John Kaniecki

    Greetings All,

    Hi I hope you are well. If you look objectively throughout American history you will find much oppression and evil. It began with Columbus who enslaved the natives to dig for gold. Christopher found it cheaper to allow his slaves to die from lack of food and enslave new ones. The gold that was taken by the Spanish was used to decorate the Catholic Churches in Spain. If you disagree it is all documented.

    This tradition has been carried on in every generation up to the present. America is not a Christian nation, its deeds clearly shows that its not. I am glad that you eyes are opening up.

    The torture goes hand in hand in whats happening in Guantonom Bay. The United States has prisoners there who never had habeas corpus. They never went before a judge and they certainly never had a trial. The United States government issued a list of their crimes. Attorneys for the prisoners wanted to know what their clients were charged with. (Charged not guilty!!)
    The USA wouldn’t assign each inmate with a crime. Instead they just published all the crimes for the whole lot. If you look at the government’s own records on the charges the prisoners are accused of doing half are for non violent charges. One of them was charged for being a cook for the terrorists. So much for them being the worse of the worse.

    Understand also how they got there. People in Afghanastan were offered huge rewards to turn in any terrorists. It is almost certain that totally innocent people were named just so somebody could collect the reward.

    At the end of World War II the Russians were marching towards Germany from the East and the United States was marching from the West. Do you know who the Germans surrendered to? The USA. And why? Because the Germans knew they would get much better treatment by them. How far have we sunk into the mire.

    It is time for Christians to stand up and be counted. Jesus taught us how to love one another. In addittion we must carry our crosses daily. Where are the voices crying out against these injustices? Silence equals death.



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