The War between Science and Faith

saij.jpg     If you would like to read an excellent, sensible and rational article on the supposed “war” between science and faith, go to Saij’s blog, Good Tithings. For some reason he applies it to Republican candidates but the reference is somewhat beside the point. Tell him Dwight sent you.

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One response to “The War between Science and Faith

  1. The reference to the Republican candidates is incidental to the article, but it is the point that affects us the most. Whether any individual believes that there is some “war” between science and religion (there is, at least some conflict, but it’s intellectual) is irrelevant to me. As Thomas Jefferson once said, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my arm. I don’t care if Hucka-a-hucka Burning Love, as a private citizen, for instance, doesn’t believe in evolution. I DO care, however, if my President, the man who is going to make significant decisions over the next 4 years that will affect me and the ones I love, thinks that something as obvious, so well supported as evolution, should be dismissed in favor of a mystical, spiritual, supernatural, or even magical explanation for the same question. That is downright scary.

    AS the one writer mentions, science deals with facts. Our capitalistic economy is based on the advances of science and technology. It is this type of “belief”, this dismissal of science, that has led to the following:

    * By 2010, if current trends continue, more than 90 percent of all scientists and engineers in the world will be living in Asia.
    * In 2002, foreign nationals accounted for more than half of all engineering and math doctorates, and almost half of all computer science doctorates.
    * South Korea, with one-sixth of our population, graduates as many engineers as the United States.

    If we allow people like Huckabee out of their element, their churches, and into our government, the US will soon be a second class country. We’re on the way already.

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