Day Job, Vandalism

To those of you who can’t wait for my next post and hang on every word I write…I apologize for the lack of activity here.  Believe it our not, I have a day job.   There are several other major distractions that I won’t bother you with here.

I have also found out that if you make provocative comments on other people’s blogs that they want you to answer right away.  By the time I get to it, they have forgotten who I am and what I said.   I apologize to you folks as well.

Now for something completely different.  We have had a rash of vandalism in our town to the tune of a half a million dollars in damage.  There are several crimes I just do not understand, cannot comprehend, the motivation for.  Vandalism is one of those.  Anyway, these guys have been caught four “men” (I hesitate to call them that) 18-20 years of age.   Apparently they were bored.  BORED!  Can you believe it?   One or more of them cited the lack of “activities” in our town.  Give me a flamin’ break!

Well, now they can be bored for five years behind bars.

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