Four (4) reasons we will never fulfill the Great Commission

globeinhand-custom.jpg Christians are a meeting and talking people. We meet in church buildings, chapels, public halls and classrooms. We meet in those rooms to talk or to listen to someone talk. We make sure someone is talking most of the time. Someone talks to us in assembly twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday. That’s 156 times a year not counting gospel meetings, workshops and seminars. Mostly, we talk to ourselves.

Somehow we must jump from talking to doing from gabbing to going. We must kick ourselves out of the chat rooms and step boldly into the world as the Great Commission demands. We have to get out because few of Christ’s commands are accomplished in some room.

Okay, let’s consider, one more time, the Great Commission:

Mark 16:15, 16 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.”

Matthew 28:19, 20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Now let me give you four reasons why the Great Commission will never be fulfilled.



  1. Jesus, in both passages said, “Go.” But with few exceptions, Christians are not going. Sending a couple of missionaries somewhere is not really going. We’re not even going to our own neighborhoods! In direct disobedience, those who could GO…STAY. Christian parents even discourage their children from becoming missionaries. If we keep not going, we will keep not fulfilling our commission.
  2. Jesus said “Go into all the world…” More churches and potential missionaries are choosing mission points by how near, how cheap, how receptive, how easy they are. Jesus said “…all the world.” If we keep choosing to go only to convenient places we will never preach the gospel to people in places that are not near, cheap, receptive or easy. The Great Commission will not be fulfilled.
  3. Jesus said, “…preach the gospel…make disciples…” He did not say to hand out Bibles and tracts, start secular schools and hospitals, establish Christian colleges, build buildings, hold worship services and invite people to Sunday school and church. He said go…PREACH…everything else is a distraction. If we keep getting distracted, the Great Commission will never be fulfilled.
    Also notice that Jesus did not tell us to assault other religions, become brotherhood watchdogs or write articles attacking perceived false teachers. Are these things bad? You bet! As long as we do OTHER things than preach the gospel; we will do other things than fulfill our commission.
  4. Jesus said “make disciples.” He DID NOT say, “Fill meeting rooms with pew-sitters.” As long as we are satisfied with getting people into a room and going through some rituals, we will be satisfied with less than Jesus commanded. As long as we see assembly as the main place where our work is done, we will never preach the gospel to every human being; much less make disciples of them. The Great Commission will never be fulfilled.

Won’t it be great if I am wrong? I WANT to be wrong! And, I WILL be wrong if we simply do what Jesus said.



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10 responses to “Four (4) reasons we will never fulfill the Great Commission

  1. Frances Smith

    I agree. Although I do believe the assemblys you call distractions do have there place in ones walk with Christ. But I also agree that too many Christians are decieved in believing they are doing there part by participating in them along with an occasional outreach here or there.
    But now if I may ask, what practical steps do you suggest we take to direct ourselves back into obediance?

  2. dhorn

    I totally agree that the assemblies are a distraction, at least in the way or format we do it today. The focus even in the first century was on the walk. Assemblies were very personal, interactive (not spectator based) and personal (they confessed sins to one another, and the focus was for outsiders to see God and confess their sinfulness. I Cor 14) in the first centrury.
    My suggestions are to just do something. I have very limited success in trying to change those already entrenched in religion. I have started with me and my own family. We take in “sinners”; we have helped a family who had gotten burned out of their home remodel a home in order to move in; we are taking evangelism classes to strengthen our ability to share the Good News; we have our list of lost we are praying for; we take in people who are in the midst of divorce; we are approachable and we are known as someone who will help if you are in trouble in our community.
    I have no idea if this is making disciples. But it is based upon what I understand the Bible tells me to do. All it may be is modern feel good dribble. But we are trying. I know the Lord is going to show us the way if we just keep trying. Suryley Hebrews 11:6 is not a hollow promise. And I know that Hell is paved with good intentions. But surley we will figure it out at some point.

  3. Tim

    Love it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. While we are not evangelising and making disiciples, governments, both federal and local, are evangelistically creating ways to impliment laws to prevent us from going into all the world; beginning with our own neighbourhoods. These are urgent times for believers to seek and save the lost!

  5. Bob McKinnon

    Sounds like the “Urgent Revolution” author to me. Dwight you are being bold again and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I received two invitations to Bible studies this week all with Christians, the same Christians in the last Bible study I attended. I declined and my goal is to get out of the classroom and at a kitchen table with a person who needs some hope in their life. Pray that I find an opportunity today.

    Keep screaming at us brother.

  6. Dave Gilchriest

    Thanks, Dwight!
    Very sobering thoughts.

  7. Jerry Pippenger

    Dwight as I understand Matt 28: 19-20 it means from the Greek- as you go make disciples. As you do your daily life put God 1st and show them the only path to true contentment (Gal. 5:22-23). The geat commission at Jude 23- save some snatching them from the fire is not about fellowship parties, praising one another for cleaning, painting the building ect. it’s about loving our brothers and sisters– there were only two, Adam and Eve that all mankind came fom, so we are all family.
    The 1st commandment is to love God with ALL your heart soul and mind. To love someone you have to know them (this is also so to love God you have to have a personal relationship with Him before you can do His Will) and realize that they are in a lost state and you posess the “road map” back. Back where– to a personal relationship, as Adam and Eve once had with the Creator and Judge.
    It all falls back on the situation that God doesn’t demand we have a personal relationship with Him, but He so DESIRES one and provides the way every day.
    I heard a special man once say he wished he would have spent more time preaching Jesus than the church. Carylyn and I so agree that is why we offer public Bible studies in our home. She has a beauty shop (Hair salon) in our home and it has been said by preachers that have come to pick up their wives or moms that there is a Gospel meeeting going on when they come. I do Prison Jail ministry, but couldn’t be ordained (so I could have better acces to the facilities, because we don’t believe in ordination, but I am commissioned as an innercity jail prision minister, but I have the top Authority’s permission and COMMISSION to teach the Kingdom and the way He exampled it to be done– one on one, multitudes and especially devoting your time to a few– to teach quality not not quanity– Go make disciples (Apprentices) THEN baptise them THEN continue to teach them untill they are doing and living the example of Christ’s life that is left for us as the example of our lives. (Christians–after the disciple stage–learners then we go to the Christian stage doers)
    Pray for your enemy, forgive them– for they know not what they are doing, TEACH them –My people are lost because of lack of knowledge. We need to remember Ez 33 and the watchman. we’re not here to tickle ears, but to provide sound accurate information to a lost world, and that statrs within our home and goes out each day– invite who to the banquet– not those in your comfort zone.
    Seek hearing–Well done good and faithful slave– not “get away from me I never knew you”. If we live to declare God before men then He will declare us to God, but if we don’t then He won’t delare us before the Father.
    It’s all CHOICE, we have it and it takes CHANGE to acheve the right choice. God won’t leave any behind that have come upon the idea that life is conditional if we do what He desire then God will do (or has done) His part.
    I’ve never sent my thoughts because we’re too busy and uneducated to discuss theology with the leaders, it’s easier to carry on an inner relation with those that know there is a problem–they are broken and need help.
    Thanks for being an influence on me–The most radical man that ever walked the earth (Jesus) was explained to me on Halloween 2002 in Sunset Chapel. The man told us it wouldn’t be an easy trip, but a necassary one. Thank you Dwight– have a great day–God IS in control!

  8. Todd

    Nice article Dwight. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of Jesus’ words in John that, pardon my paraphrase, say something to the effect of “You diligently search the scriptures, scriptures that talk about me, yet you still refuse to COME to me and have life”. Those words resonate with me and my personal church history. I would submit that “Coming” to Jesus and “Going into all of the world” are irrevocably interconnected.

  9. Wonderful thoughts and post.
    Well thought out.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    I pray that we will reach the lost and the generation that needs hope.
    I pray that God will help us become effective in all aspects of our lives.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  10. Outstanding Article. I completely agree with you. We need to stop having “comfort” and “safety” be our to priority in evangelizing. The Lord gave us a spirit of power, not a spirit of timidity. We must utilize this and spread the gospel!

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