We are our own worst enemy



Sometimes the opposition seems overwhelming. Most of it has been self-inflicted.
History – people doing horrible things in the name of Christ. The world of observers, not knowing any better, makes uninformed assessments and forms terrible opinions of Christianity.
Televangelists – money-grubbing, high-living, charlatans and false teachers giving religion in general and Christianity in particular a bad rap (1 Timothy 6:3-5).
Division & infighting – people who should be loving each other and thus proving to be disciples (John 13:35) fighting and slinging mud in the most unloving ways. Dividing into yet another denomination over the slightest perceived doctrinal error, we assist the world in its dismissal and unbelief (John 17:20-23).


We are our own worst enemy.


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2 responses to “We are our own worst enemy

  1. Just maybe it is time to allow the third member of the Godhead to have His way with us; like we are supposed to.
    Time to acknowledge He still has the same mandate He did when He was poured out upon all immersed believers at Pentecost for the best kingdom outcomes one can imagine, I Cor. 12
    Still, that might just be too radical for some as they prefer He remains in retirement as a seal unto salvation only — not at as the One who fills, leads, empowers and anoints disciples in the call of God.

  2. cthoward

    How about Hypocrisy…or, at least, perceived hypocrisy.
    And, closely related, Moral Impurity…who wants to be a Christian if Christians are just like everyone else?
    Materialism…we’ve been so wrapped up in the world we miss eternity.

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