Are All Theists the Same?

As you may know (and if you don’t know you are soon to find out), atheism has declared war on theism. One of their tactics is to lump all of religion together. Here is the obvious problem with such generalizations: all religions are not the same. They do not all believe the same things; they do not all act the same ways.

Religion is not even settled on whether a supreme being exists. Those who believe in a supreme being are not in agreement on who or what he is. There’s not even agreement on his nature and expectations of those he created. The god of the Muslims, for example, is quite different from the God of Christians and Jews. The Muslim God expects his followers to rid the earth of the infidels. If you can’t persuade them, kill them. If you have to kill yourself, your children, your babies to eliminate a few of them…so be it. Then again, not all Muslims would agree with this, but they are strangely silent.

Atheists delight in pointing out the horrendous acts of religious people they lump together as “Christians.” A favorite target is the Roman Catholic Church with its crusades, persecutions, executions, edicts, etc. Next on their list are the Protestants with much of the same. Not only are these vastly different from each other, but they are quite different, in varying degrees, from the primitive Christianity exposed in the New Testament. They are the results of virgin Christianity being interfered with by the likes of Calvin, Luther, Wesley, Smith, Zwingli, popes, assorted false prophets, and various televangelists.

Now, if you don’t believe that most atheists lump together all religions, especially those claiming to be Christian, just have a look at their blogs and websites.

While you’re at it, have a look at John Clayton’s article, “Atheists Declare War on Faith


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2 responses to “Are All Theists the Same?

  1. They do that because almost every group has killed them in mass at one point or another. So some of them have a hard time differentiating what group it is that is currently slaughtering Atheists and in the name of what God. All they know is that almost all religions have taken their turns killing, raping, and torturing them. It’s the same as lumping murders together with rapists in your mind. Both crimes are horrible, but they are very different and Atheists need to see that. I for one will try to do a better job remembering to separate the people who (in the words of Pope Urban II) “perforate their navels, and, dragging forth the end of the intestines, bind it to a stake” or a simple Presbyterian minister used a shotgun to kill someone in the name of his God.

    In return, I would like religious people to realize that now all Atheists are the same. Most of us are very, very different and have little in common with each other, other than being post-theological.

  2. the theist

    you mentioned islam as you want look islam mentioned in the new testament
    ISLAM is complementary to christianity and his aim in this life is quiet smart like what is infidel ?
    they punch of people worship any god with allah (god) or with out him our Theists etc relation ship between infidel and muslim is sensitive we have orders from god we have to comply as u see ISLAM IS THE MOST ACCEPTANT RELIGION ON WHOLE EARTH ITS SPEARS ALL A ROUND VERY FAST

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