Gone to Winter

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog (and who, in their right mind, would not be?) you may have noticed a dearth (shortage) of postings. So, knowing that many, many people are wondering where I am, I feel called upon to inform both of you.

At the moment, I am in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Yes…the land down under. I left the Northern Hemisphere Summer for the Southern Hemisphere Winter. Australia is my “other country,” to which I make yearly trips. I lived here once and fell in love with the people and the land. So, it is a pleasure to return each year to visit friends and churches, do some teaching & preaching, eat Aussie tucker (food) and hear the birds sing. So far I have been to Sydney, Dungog, Maitland, Newcastle and Parramatta. In few days I will head back to Sydney, then Adelaide, then New Zealand and back to Sydney.

I left behind my beautiful wife, Charamon, the Charamon Garden and loving family for a seven-week sojourn. Preparation took a lot of time and precedence over blogging. Getting the garden ready to leave in the capable hands of my family took additional time.

A phone call to my son, Tim, reassured me that all goes and grows well back in the garden. A phone call to my parents (90 year-old father, 88 year-old mother) says they are doing OK (at those ages, good days are treasures) and a phone call to my wife assures me that she still loves me and is missing me. Well, the feeling is very much mutual!



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2 responses to “Gone to Winter

  1. rtblaisdell

    God bless you on your current journey in the Land Down Under. Hoping and praying you are well. Take care. Grace and Peace.

  2. Hey Dwight,
    It’s nice to hear of your travels. I have your blogs sent to my email, so I KNOW when you blog! 🙂 I’m glad you’re having a lovely time in Australia. Will you see the Peters family? If you do, give them my love and some big hugs! I miss you around Sunset…but really, there isn’t much to be apart of at the moment. I’m working as a painter (for a lady here in Lubbock), getting a rent house ready to be rented. It’s fun, I enjoy it, and the pay and hours are perfect for me right now. Alex MuGaughy (my boyfriend) is here now, and is working at the Children’s Home of Lubbock. It’s been good having him here. He and I will make a trip up to Washington in July for about 2 weeks, to see my family.

    Love you lots and lots! Take care of yourself, and shine bright!

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