How to Change the World…no…Really!

What a world! For all too many it is a world of wars, genocides, starvation, poverty, disease, oppression, exploitation, terror, slavery, homelessness…the list goes on and on. The footnotes read: trauma, hopelessness, stress, emotional collapse, heartbreak, confusion, loneliness, suicide, divorce, abandonment. What a lousy place this earth can be! What a better place it could be!

Lately I’ve been getting email from brothers and sisters agitating for or against a certain presidential candidate or political party. If this political party prevails it will be the downfall (or continued downfall) of civilization as we know it. Doom and gloom if this one is elected, sweetness and light if that one is elected. How ridiculous!

It’s easy to understand why some think that they can change the world by politics.It’s disturbing, however, that those who follow Christ (to one degree or another) believe that by electing the right congressman, premier, governor, prime minister or president the world will become a better place. For Christians to place their hopes for their nation and world in a certain political party is, to state it mildly, ludicrous. C’mon…think about it…has it ever worked? I don’t think so!

What can change the world? The Savior of the world…that’s who. Yes, you read me right: Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua, Isa, Jesu…whatever you want to call Him, God with us, Immanuel, the chosen of God, the Word made flesh, God’s only physically-born Son. In your heart of hearts, you know that’s right. So quit looking to other sources…particularly politics.

Only the Prince of Peace can bring peace.

Only the Word made flesh can bring grace and truth.

Only the Light of the world can dispel the world’s darkness.

Only the Bread of Life can nourish the hungry.

Only the Water of Life can slake the thirst of the nations.

And yet, who gets the lion’s share of the resources? Politicians, that’s who. The figures are simply astounding. According to a USA Today article by Matt Kelley and Fredreka Schouten (Tuesday, July 22, 2008 p. 5A), The Center for Responsive Politics reports that independent groups not controlled by political parties or candidates have given a whopping $120 million this election season. Why? Because they think it will make a difference if their party or candidate prevails. Susie Tompkins Buell, for example, is committed to female candidates and issues to the tune of $1.3 million since 2003.

What motivates them? They want their views to be heard. They want to assure a forum for their philosophies. According to David Keating of the Club for Growth, “They give for some of the same reasons they give to charities. They also see that economic growth is very important for the future of the country, not only for the welfare of the people but the country as a whole.”

Do we really believe that Jesus is the only one who can make a difference? Then why do the very ones who can deliver true change to the world by proclaiming the good news of Jesus go around begging for adequate support, very often unsuccessfully? Why is it so difficult to fund the only course of action that can truly make this world better? Why do we force our potential messengers through a maze of obstacles while the politicians accumulate money like iron shavings drawn to a magnet? I think the answer may have some connection with true love and genuine faith. Don’t you?



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3 responses to “How to Change the World…no…Really!

  1. George Carman

    Way to go Dwight! You nailed this one. I do think we need to carefully and prayerfully decide before casting our ballot but as for me, I vote for Jesus and pray we who name His name will share the message with other. That will bring REAL change.


  2. Amen and Amen!
    Jesus is the answer.
    whether we vote or not, we must be salt and light, and teach and preach

  3. Samuel Skinner

    Funny- politics and activism worked every other time- or do we still hold blacks as slaves in these United States?

    Force has solved more problems than piousness ever will.

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