Should the Church Apologize?

It seems that the latest fad is for churches to apologize for hypocrisy, racism, the Crusades, burning heretics and generally being self-righteous jerks. Well, count me out.

I well remember, as a young preacher, talking with an older mentor about some complaint I had with the church for which I was preaching. He said, “Dwight, remember that the church is made up of people, and people don’t always act right. The church Jesus built is perfect.”

That set the course for my attitude for the rest of my life. The church need not apologize to anyone. Some folks in the church probably need to make amends and the sooner the better. I may be one of them but I can only speak for myself.

Anyway, who has the authority to speak for the church? The last I checked Jesus is the only head of the church both in heaven and on earth. The headquarters are wherever He is, not some lovely and ancient city in Italy. I don’t think He would take kindly to me or anyone else speaking on His behalf. You guys who are going around making apologies better shut up and repent…you are overstepping your boundaries!

Furthermore, it was not the church that sliced, diced and fried its enemies. It was a political group under the guise of the church but bearing very little resemblance to it. That counterfeit “church” is guilty, but not the one Jesus built.

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  1. I’m with you 100% on this!

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