I Hate Interruptions (But I’m getting better)

She came into my study at, what seemed to me then, a bad time.  I was on a roll, writing furiously, words tumbling onto the page , ideas popping out like new puppies, thoughts exploding like microwave popcorn.

Her: “Honey, this refrigerator is making strange noises again…can you come listen?

Me: “Good grief!  Can’t it wait?  I’m in the middle of something here!”

Her:  No words – just facial expressions and body language – all sending negative vibes.

I hate interruptions!  As a young man, I didn’t deal at all well with them.  As an older man…ditto.  But now, at least, I am able to take a few moments and re-wrap my mind around a new direction – to slowly adjust to a new, more inclusive, schedule.

Shame on me!  People with needs can’t be concerned with my agenda.  They can’t check with me before needing something.  The needs surrounding me are sovereign, not my precious schedule.

As we observe Jesus, we see him constantly confronted with unplanned events: the sick, bereaved, adversaries, quarreling disciples, concerned family, storms and demons.  So, it occurs to me that to truly want to be like Jesus, I must not only take interruptions in stride, but also embrace them as opportunities to serve.  Should I even call them “interruptions?”  Obviously, it was Jesus’ plan to walk out into the street and deal with what he encountered.  Since the Son of Man came to serve and not to be served (Mark 10:45), shouldn’t I obviously go and do likewise?

To despise interruptions is to love self more than others – to consider my priorities as paramount.  So here is my new resolution for all my remaining days, weeks, months and years: to be among you as the one who serves (Luke 22:27); to see “interruptions” as opportunities to serve.  I think that’s what Jesus would do.  I think that’s what he would have me do.



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2 responses to “I Hate Interruptions (But I’m getting better)

  1. Bobby Deason

    Good grief DW, couldn’t you have sent this a little later, I’m trying to get ready to go to the assembly, but felt that I must respond NOW! (smile)

    Right on target. Good thoughts, well expressed.

    Fraternally in Jesus,


  2. Kay Malan

    Thank you, Dwight, for another timely interruption!

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