Live Your Adventure

High adventure was on my young index of dreams.  As it turns out, my adventures have been mild ones.  I never did become an explorer, sailor, naturalist, anthropologist, spelunker, diver, paleontologist, prospector, or performer.  As a young boy I avidly read about the adventures of men like Thor Heyerdahl and William Beebe.  Beebe was an ornithologist, explorer, and author.  He was an early ecologist.  He made a record-breaking dive in a bathysphere to a depth of 3,028 ft in 1934.  He lived the adventures of my dreams.

Recently, I ran across a piece written by him in his old age.  It’s good advice for all adventurers, young and old.

What I Would Do
Will Beebe

If I were as young in years again as I still am inside,
I should make me a list of a few things to do before I die:

To go at least once clear around this jolly world.

To live with savages and in jungles now and then
and learn how splendid they are.

To ride and read and shoot and play and study and think
and be silent with such enthusiasm that every moment
of unnecessary sleep would be a crime.

To live so fully that most people would seem dead on their feet.

To own a magnificent telescope and by frequent use never
to forget the humor of my size and place and ambitions in the universe.

Finally, do the things all over again, for I have
done them and am still at it, and I know.

For just this once I have broken my motto of “Don’t tell.”
And now forget everything that I have said and live your own life.

As it turns out, I have lived my own life.  As a 25 year-old missionary and married with children, I concentrated on being a good husband, father and evangelist but never stopped dreaming.  Those later dreams were milder ones: farmer, woodcarver (a skilled one), preacher (an effective one), teacher (a beneficial one) and writer (a successful one).  In small, insignificant ways I have dabbled in the later dreams and found much satisfaction.

I find I no longer aspire to fame or celebrity status — having seen the emptiness of those pursuits. Besides that, I’m getting a bit “long in the tooth,” whatever that means.

Aside from some major life challenges, I am satisfied with my little shop where I carve wood, my vegetable garden (the farming part) teaching and mentoring aspiring missionaries, working with ministry training schools in the South Pacific (and soon, hopefully Asia), and writing blogs and books.  The adventure continues.



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2 responses to “Live Your Adventure

  1. Bob Chapman

    You are only a spring chicken in the work of the kingdom of God.
    In 1890 an 83 year old Californian believer believed that God wanted her to go to China.
    Despite her family’s objections she arrived in Shanghai late in 1890 and headed north to a Baptist mission in the province of Shandong.
    After a couple of weeks attendance at the little Baptist chapel in the mission compound, she believed the Lord wanted her to stand at the door as folks were leaving on Sundays and ask them if they were born-again. She also believe that she was to ask the preacher if he was Spirit-filled.
    So she began to do this each week and after 6 weeks the preacher became angry, but rather than approach the woman he fell down on his face and cried out to the Lord saying, “God, if I am not filled with your Spirit then fill me!” God did and the Shandong Revival began. By the year 1900 over 100,000 people had obeyed the gospel.
    Sadly that was also the year of the Chinese Boxer revolution and hundreds of missionaries and believers were slaughted in China.
    So stand by brother, you are just getting warmed up!


  2. My brother Dwight,

    Your passion for our LORD JESUS resonates across the land and waters. I am grateful that men like you had dreams, and by the grace and glory of God chased and fulfilled them. As you enter into the life of a Sage, know that the footsteps that you have walked in from your predecessors have been filled capably by you and preserved for another generation. Thank you for being poured out as a drink offering to our LORD.

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