Christian Nation? Not Really.

Those who continue to think of the United States as a Christian nation need to face reality.  Even though the nation was founded by believers it has not been perpetuated by such.  We are now a secular nation driven by secular values and goals.  Here’s the reality: we are now governed by greed instead of God.

While the legacy of Christianity continues in many ways (one example: we give more to charity per capita than any other nation) it should not surprise us that resistance to Christian practices performed in public (prayer, for example) is growing and being declared unconstitutional or illegal in more venues.

What bothers me is the response of many Christians: weeping, gnashing of teeth and hand-wringing.  Folks, get used to it…we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  There are so many more important things than praying before a football game.  At the moment still have free speech in this country and we can still proclaim the gospel to those who will listen.  We can still call for justice and mercy.  We can still serve those who suffer.  We can still be Christ in our communities.  We can still expose lies and false teachings.  We can still stand for truth and righteousness.

Let us focus on matters that matter!  It is not time to don sackcloth and sit in the ashes.  It is time to be light in the gathering darkness.



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11 responses to “Christian Nation? Not Really.

  1. Bob Chapman


    Well put.

    By the way, best photo I have seen of you in years.

  2. George Little

    Spot on Dwight. I noticed while in the USA that many Christians are despairing because of the secularization of American society as though the kingdom of God will suffer. They have forgotten that the kingdom grew the most in cultures that were totally non Christian and even anti Christian. Whenever darkness is seen clearly against the light the gospel has the most potential.

  3. Quite a few of the founders were deists, not Christians.

    Charity is not a Christian invention. It happened before and it will happen after Christianity is gone.

    In addition, no one is suppressing the rights of Christians in any way. When prayer is declared unconstitutional, it is because it is being used in a secular institution by those in the institution who are supposed to remain neutral. No one is going to stop you or arrest you if you go out and spread the gospel in public (at events where people are not forced to be there)

  4. dwhitsett

    I would be interested in your definition of “quite a few.” And, you should also notice that I said that most of the founders were “believers.” Furthermore, it is difficult to account for the extent of charitable giving apart from religious belief. I think you missed the thrust of the article.

  5. dwhitsett

    Thanks George. So very true.

  6. Go do the research yourself on how many there were… You’ll remember it better that way.

    you implied that believers means those who are Christian.

    Do a google search of atheist charities and secular charities. You will find plenty.

  7. Dwight,
    You are spot on. My question for the faithful is, “what are you doing to prepare yourselves for the time when speaking of the teachings of Christ is forbidden?” Will we have the courage of our brethren in China, or will we fold like napkins?

    You state that pray being unconstitutional in a public setting where those who belong to a secular institution must stay neutral is all that is happening. The Bible has encouragements written by the Apostle John to believers who only needed to “stay neutral” to sell their wares or purchase food. John tells them to resist such demands on their faith.

  8. Johnny B,

    The Bible isn’t the ultimate authority in America and our laws are not governed by it. We’re not a theocracy. If we were, then it would be completely different.

  9. Chatty…
    I understand your point, and I do not want to engage in a prolonged debate over the virtual landscape. My point was simply for those who call on the name of CHRIST for their hope and identity, live under the kingdom of GOD first and foremost. Therefore we are called to obey our LORD above all others. Our faith calls us to pray and we cannot call ourselves faithful if we live divided lives. I am not stating that this is the case for every American. I am not stating that our beliefs should become law. I am stating that a man or women of faith, even if they are an elected official, have a higher authority than just an earthly government.

  10. Jessica

    It’s sad, but true. Thanks for always being honest, and for writing what’s on your heart. God is everywhere, and everywhere is His country…even if people don’t accept that. We just need to live for Him each day and not worry about the rest.

  11. It’s my understanding that the founding fathers built this country in such as way that if the values of the people changed then they should put people with the same values in office. Anything that is made with the best of intentions will eventually go downhill. It’s easier to go along for the ride than to oppose the direction. We vote to take away our freedoms but rarely vote to get them back.

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