The Full, Upright Position

When one flies economy (cattle) class, space is precious.—between you and the passenger next to you – especially space between you and the person in front of you.

All flights are different … some with more room, some with less.  It is seldom enough for comfort.  And so, it is particularly difficult when the person in front decides to put his seat in the recliner position.

By some unknown combination of mysterious “forces” and blind chance, it seems I get placed behind someone who, with thoughtless disregard, reclines his seat upon reaching cruising altitude (sometimes before) and leaves it there until a meal is served and the flight attendant makes him put his seat forward.

It happened today on a flight from Brisbane to Auckland – not a terribly long flight but too long to have someone’s headrest nestling in your beard.  I looked around and absolutely no one (even the beardless) in sight was having a similar problem.  One feels “singled out” in some way.  One asks, “Why me?”

Now the temptation is to express one’s irritation in a number of ways: leaning forward and clearing one’s throat loudly in the offender’s ear; bumping one’s knees against the back of the offending seat; pressing the button to return the chair to the “full upright position” while the perp has gone to the lavatory.  Or one could loudly say, to no one in particular, “Don’t you hate it when someone reclines their chair when no one is sleeping?!!  How IRRITATING!”

Two forces combine to keep this from happening: 1. Reluctance to create a scene not orchestrated by the Holy Spirit and, 2. A desire to be like Jesus.  What would Jesus do with the situation under discussion?  Well, since Jesus gave little consideration to personal comfort, I don’t think He would do anything unless it furthered the mission He came to accomplish.

And so…when it became apparent that no good could come from creating a scene, I did nothing.  Ok, I did bump his seat a couple of times…but that’s all.



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2 responses to “The Full, Upright Position

  1. I hate this to. Love the way you actually got a graphic for this post. God bless you in NZ. Please say hello to Steve Raines for me. Love that guy.

  2. Bob Chapman

    The new 800 seat Airbus380 with its flimsy economy seats, which are even closer to the person in front of you are worse. Add to that problem this one; 800 people getting off an aircraft all at the same time and standing at immigration and then the baggage collection area. It would appear the builders lengthened the runways but forgot to upgrade the baggage collection areas. 45 minute wait time for baggage in LA after flying 14 hours from Australia is now the norm.

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