Super Bowl Agony

Well sports fans, it was an agonizing start to the Super Bowl this evening. I cringed and squirmed through the whole unfortunate mess. But finally Lea Michele and Christina Aguilera got through singing.

C’mon ladies, these songs should be sung with some modicum of dignity!  America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner are not hip-hop numbers or torch songs, they are the most beloved of our national songs.  They don’t need the catch in your voice or warbling techniques going all over the place. There’s no warbling in football! You ladies, and the others who try to add touches better left to the club crowd, only cheapen these cherished songs.  Christina, you should concentrate on getting the words right instead of sullying our National Anthem with all that “stuff” you did capped off by a flat final note.

Who selects these folks any way? I strongly suggest that they (whoever “they” is) find performers to sing these songs with the stirring reverence and splendor they deserve. Then we can put our hands over our hearts instead of our fingers in our ears.



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6 responses to “Super Bowl Agony

  1. Bobbie

    I’m not a sports fan by nature but do struggle with judgmentalism and criticizing that feeds my anger. For me, there is no good reason to watch the Super Bowl. I was fortunate to be invited to a gathering where three people did sit in another room and enjoy the game with the rest of us off in another room enjoying assembling around the table eating together and playing games.

  2. dwhitsett

    Well, Bobbie, that is certainly one way to avoid the agony.

  3. Kay Malan

    That was an apt photo choice to illustrate the agony, Dwight, and the closing line was touché! My art appreciation – of comedy especially – diminishes in direct proportion to the embarrassment factor. Somehow these situations always remind me of “the kings new suit.”

  4. dwhitsett

    Thanks Kay…I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like!

  5. Jeanette Dyer

    Dear Dwight, I had no idea about your page….. do you call it a website? Anyway, obviously you are brilliant because I agree with everything you say….. can’t wait to read more. How is Brenda? Please give her my love. We plan to be in Australia this year, April 19-May 30, Lord willing. Keep on keeping on. God bless. Love you and yours, Jeanette

  6. dwhitsett

    Good to hear from you Jeanette! It’s just a blog…one of four. This one on general topics, on gardening and related subjects, for my microministry and for my wood and stone carving. When I grow up I hope to be more focused and single-minded. Brenda struggles off and on with her health but we are surviving. I have decided not to be away for extended periods until Brenda’s health is better. Love you folks!

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