Religious Right or Wrong?

It is the turn of the year and I don’t know about you but I’ve already got a gut full of politics.  I have just about “had it up to here.”  The most disturbing aspect of all this is the antics of the so-called Christian “leaders.”  The “Religious Right” is in grave danger of becoming the “religious wrong.”  Along with the disgusting concentration on pre-election politics is the equally disgusting lack of concentration on what really matters: following Christ.

I have to believe that Jesus really meant it when He said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting…but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm” (John 18:36).  His life, ministry and teaching were decidedly “not of this realm.”  His emphasis was the Kingdom of God, eternal life and preparation for it.

Yes, He was deeply concerned with justice, mercy and love for neighbors and enemies.  When it came to earthly kingdoms and their governments, however, he was decidedly silent.  Can you imagine Him endorsing a candidate — even in our time?  Yet we read stuff like this:

“The Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is making an urgent plea to Christian voters in Iowa to vote for Newt Gingrich in their caucuses on Tuesday in what he describes as the “most critical” election in American history” (, December 31, 2011).

This, in spite of repeated warnings by the Holy Spirit not to put our hope in human beings (Psalm 118:8-9; Proverbs 20:6; Jeremiah 17:5).

The only thing that can change this world for the better is the spread of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the values of His Kingdom.  Earthly kingdoms, empires, nations and governments can never approach the power for good resident in the Kingdom of God.  Faith, hope and love are not the results of the legislative, judicial or administrative processes.  So, why are our leaders seeking to manipulate earthly politics?  Could it be because they have lost faith the Kingdom and its King?

It is the right of all citizens of all democracies to participate in the government of the people, by the people and for the people.  As Christians, we should consider the issues and the candidates and vote according to our Christian consciences.  At the same time, we must beware of placing undue trust or emphasis upon or in this process.

Our emphasis must be upon Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  We must seek to influence our cultures by trying to live, look, love and smell like Him (2 Corinthians 2:14).  To put our trust in politicians is to risk stinking like them and, considering our present congress, behold, the stench thereof rises to high heaven.

You shepherds of your flocks, put your hope and trust in Jesus, the only one who can change hearts and minds and thus change our world for the better.  Proclaim Him.  Emulate Him.  Gather disciples to Him.  Don’t place your trust in some flawed human being.  Only Christ can turn this capsized world right side up.


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3 responses to “Religious Right or Wrong?

  1. Amen and amen. I feel the struggle to hope in any of the men or women who have pronounced themselves my candidate for POTUS.

    Here is a question, if none represents my values or what is important to me who then should I choose. If I am simply choosing the lesser of two evils, am I not choosing evil?

    Just a small question to stir the pot a bit.


  2. Jack Outhier

    Dwight is Right! …perhaps our next campaign slogan? LOL

    Christians need first to grasp a specific point of Biblical history; human government for God’s people wasn’t God’s idea, it was man’s. God never intended HIS people to establish an earthly human king; this desire on their part was to be like the other nations of the earth and a repudiation of HIM.

    Then, we must acknowledge fallen men will never conceive of and establish, nor could they maintain a perfect system of governance. Sinful man will design sinful (self-serving) systems. And from the point the system is enacted it will be in a constant state of alteration by forces driven by man’s sin.

    Further, Christians would be well served to understand that Democracy is not a corollary to Christianity; it is not of God’s design, but man’s, and has never survived long. Self-destruction is inherent within any system granting every person an equal say as those who will rise to power are the one’s who promise the most people their own personal advantage… even though at the cost of others.

    When I visit a friend’s home or wait for a few minutes in a business place and see their television, my decision to free my own life/heart from that input years ago is vividly affirmed. Though I work much of the day online and must remain current on all things economic, so see thousands of headlines and read articles from both ends of the political spectrum, I can’t imagine what would be cultivated in my mind if I were under constant bombardment by TV propaganda, commercials and talk radio.

    If all Christians developed a Kingdom mindset that tied their faith, trust, hope, joy, energy and focus upon God’s Kingdom, they would understand it doesn’t really matter what transpires with earthly kingdoms–they are all temporary–but that our citizenship is in another, higher kingdom. Which brings me to a final thought… if we know, as we are Biblically assured and see verified throughout history, God’s kingdom flourishes under persecution, why then do Christians focus so energetically on avoiding a society which would involve persecution? Do we care more for our own comfort than for the salvation of many?

  3. dwhitsett

    Thanks Jack. I very much resonate with your thinking. I have always said that the seeds of the destruction of democracy are contained within it. Universal suffrage is the nail in the coffin. Your response is very well worded! Dwight

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