Shut Up and DO Something!

Heirs of the “Restoration Movement” (Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, Disciples of Christ – and a plethora of groups believing this and that) have largely been an innocuous force in the contest for the souls of men and women.  There are several reasons for this in my opinion (and I have been “at it” for over 50 years).

  1. We have preached “the church” instead of “The Christ.”  I have, in the past been as guilty of this as anyone.   You can claim to be “non-denominational” but this is about as denominational as you can get.  Our message must not be the “church of Christ”, it must be the Christ of the church.
  2. We have invested our resources in buildings.  With the money we spend on construction and maintenance, we could feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and reach a hurting and hungry world with the only message that can save them.
  3. We have fought each other and not Satan.  We seem to have forgotten that he is the real adversary —  not those who are seeking to follow Christ even if they do some strange things you don’t find in the Bible.  We can work all that out as allies in the fight against our real adversary.
  4. We have done everything except what Jesus told us to do.  He never said to build “Christian Colleges and Universities (they seldom stay that way very long anyway).”  He never said “Go forth and build buildings throughout the world,”  He never said, “build hospitals, put your denominational name on them and charge the same outrageous prices that other hospitals do.”  He never said hand out food, clothing and drill water wells but don’t worry about connecting it with the gospel (I know this is not the case in all instances).
  5. We put would-be missionaries through the ringer (remember those?).  We make them sweat, strain, wear out tires and/or automobiles travelling around begging for support and ask them, “How little can you live on?”  Meanwhile human beings are dying and going to hell.  What’s the matter with us?
  6. Our job is to be Christ to our world (starting with our communities).  Our job is to speak, act and conduct ourselves as He did.  He still draws men and women to Himself.

I can probably think of some other things but this is my short list.  All this has to change and all the lectureships, “summits,” conferences seem to this writer like exercises in futility.   Let’s shut up and DO SOMETHING!


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2 responses to “Shut Up and DO Something!

  1. Terry Smith

    The wife and I have chose to shut up and do something, we have chosen to move away from (organized) religion and its man made laws and take it back to the simple called out body of Christ. We work everyday within that body as we teach and encourage those who are in a covenant relationship with God at our work place. We look for those at our work place who are in love with Jesus and are looking to spend time in the mission field, we then in turn invest our money and time into training and sending them into the field while at the same time we reach out and teach the lost who are in our work place, sometimes that is one on one and at other times it is in a bible class setting, I have just opened up a third bible class of the week for our peers. Believe it or not the classes have been a great success and have changed the over all mind set of our work area.
    In time a new group of Christians will form, from these classes and we will come together as an assembled covenant related people with out a building, land, paid preacher are any of the other juck that has stagnated God’s people.
    We can not fix what is already broken but we can start over, God did this more than once and he is in the process of doing it again.

    Terry Smith
    Slave of Jesus
    Because the tomb is still empty!!!!

  2. Dewight I have said the same things about putting money into big beautiful buildings. Here in Junction when the Baptist and ALL other sects build a recreational building, they all do. Instead of all faiths using one facility, they each have there own to boost about. Whatever happen to tent revivals? I remember going and the feeling was like a family reunion. Not so in your churches today.
    How are feeling and hope you both are doing better. Would love to see you both. All my love. Johnna

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