Mystery Solved

For months I have been puzzled about the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the polls. I have also been puzzled by the staying power of Hillary Clinton as the choice of Democrats for president of our once-great nation.
For the life of me, I just could not figure out how both Democrats and Republicans could choose candidates who have perfected the dark art of lying. This is not even considering the narcissism of Clinton and the uber-narcissim of Trump.
How is it possible that the electorate can continually be informed of these shenanigans and keep supporting the perpetrators? I was stumped!
Finally, I think I have solved the mystery. As a nation, we no longer consider moral transgressions to be all that important. It should not be a surprise to those of us who have witnessed the moral decline of our nation.
I am not going to rehearse the indicators of moral decline. Most readers (those not living under a rock somewhere) don’t need to be reminded of the symptoms. Suffice it to say, some people are getting by with behavior that once in our history would have spelled the end of their public careers. Without moral restraints, anything goes!
So, Donald Trump keeps rising in the polls in spite of lies, insulting comments about women and Mexicans and anybody else who gets in his way. Are we actually willing to see this creature inhabit the oval office with no reason to expect a change in his behavior?
So, Hillary Clinton remains the Democratic candidate of choice regardless of her all-to-obvious penchant for bending and breaking the truth…once again without expecting her to become honest and trustworthy as president.
Really? Are these our choices? Have we really come to this? Two candidates who have both chosen the dark side? Can’t we do better? Have honesty, integrity, humility, dignity, honor, equality and justice become unimportant moral tenets?


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2 responses to “Mystery Solved

  1. GB Lane

    Dwight, I agree with many of your points, but historically I think you may be giving too much credit to the people and institutions that more or less set the moral tone for our generation. My own study of history has convinced me that all of the problems and moral turpitude present now were equally as abundant with our forefathers (and mothers)–though perhaps expressed in different milieu. Gigantic strides in mass communication have made it possible for all of us to be more aware of what is awry with those who used to be able to protect their private lives from the scrutiny of the great unwashed. I do not disagree that the conduct of people in positions of public trust leaves much to be desired, but I cannot look back at the conduct of people who held similar positions in the past as being necessarily worthy of imitation. I also consider moral restraints a private matter, and would never willingly allow anyone or any institution to dictate what my personal moral restraints should be.

  2. Jack Outhier

    Dwight, our nation was unique in its founding, intending both to be governed by the populus and to be based upon Godly principles. However, it was founded by fallen men and the government has always been occupied by fallen men and each generation has honed finer the means of exploiting the populus for the benefit of the “ruling class”. Fallen men cannot create nor fill a perfect system and all systems tend to degrade over time. (law of thermodynamics — entropy)

    Many of the characteristics of man necessary to create this nation are no longer considered the norm by those who shape the future… politicians, media and academia. I came to understand this more fully in studying the Moral Foundations Theory researched and advanced by Dr. Jonathan Haidt, Social Psychologist from the University of Virginia. You can hear a brief analysis of this here:

    This Moral Foundations Theory is now one of the most researched topics in the world and holds true in all nations in explaining how conservatives and liberals make moral decisions and for me, in understanding why it is so difficult to communicate with those from a different worldview or mindset.

    I’m emailing you a letter I wrote a friend related to this. What you will see by listening to his TedTalk though is how differently people make “moral” decisions.

    Oh, and those who say they “consider moral restraints a private matter, and would never willingly allow anyone or any institution to dictate what my personal moral restraints should be.” are seldom being honest with themselves. These who claim morality is a personal matter are almost always totalitarian in their actual thinking and would quickly impose their morals upon everyone else, given the opportunity.

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