There’s a lot going on in these dark days that is infuriating.  For me the actions of the so-called “Supreme Court” are most infuriating.  Here we have five justices who are appointed by the current regime (not voted on) who have overarching power over us.  Their job is to “interpret” the constitution for us.  Any thing the majority of justices deem “unconstitutional” (whether it really is or not) is declared unlawful.

For years I have believed the Supreme Court is one of the major problems in our democracy.  It ranks second to giving everyone an equal vote when electing the members of congress and the president. (This assumes that everyone except convicted felons has the best interests of all the people in mind when voting).  Unfortunately, in this increasingly “nanny state,” the recipients of federal aid tend to vote for who can give them the most entitlements. I fear these problems will prove to be seeds of our demise

SCOTUS has made some decisions I applaud. I rejoice when they rein in a president who uses his telephone and pen to make his own laws by executive decision.  But, as a resident of the great state of Texas, I was particularly rankled when SCOTUS struck down our law that provided the safest care possible for women who sought abortions. As a consequence many substandard abortion facilities closed their doors. How, in the name of common sense, was that deemed unconstitutional? Previously, these un-elected and fallible lawyers had forced all Americans to accept marriage between same sex men and women as lawful. It didn’t seem to matter that most religious Americans found this to be morally unacceptable and repugnant.

I for one am fed up with stuff like this…fed up to the eyeballs. You say you don’t like such antics and you want to get out from under such high-handedness?  Tough. There’s nothing you can do.  You can write your blogs, send letters to the editor, petition the congress…but…it will be for naught for the Supreme Court has spoken.  This isn’t government of the people…it is government by a few of the people. It is government in spite of the people. It is government by a board of dictators who answer to no one. I never liked dictatorships and I certainly don’t like this one.

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