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Ron Paul Makes Sense

ronpaul-1.jpg It has been my policy on this blog to avoid politics. I think the answers to this world’s problems can be found in the teachings of Jesus. But I think I will make an exception for a man who seems exceptional — Ron Paul.

I didn’t listen long before I heard him say the things I have been thinking for a long time. Instead of outlining those positions here, let me urge you to give him a hearing. Listen to some of his speeches on YouTube. Check out his website

I was developing a strong “Why bother?” attitude until I explored his positions on the issues.  His sensible analyses of our current problems and the solutions he suggests make sense.

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A System Based on Fear

doctor.jpg The modern con-game that is health insurance is a system based on fear. This reality forced its way into my conscience recently when my wife had to have a Cat (Computed Axial Tomography) Scan. This required test cost $2,691 when paid up front and $5,000 if paid out (more about this later). My so-called “health insurance” would pay nothing if I paid up front and $200 if I was stuck with the $5,000. I realized that since our premiums are in the $700-per-month range, that four months worth would have paid the bill. Continue reading


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