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Doctor’s Office Dilemma

eyeseeyouDoctor’s offices are odd places.  Yes, you have an appointment and you manage to arrive on time or, maybe, a bit early.  Then, early or late, the waiting begins.  You will wait for thirty minutes to one hour in a room filled with sick people.  If you are not sick when you arrive, it is certain that you will be exposed to some malady before you depart.  You will breathe their polluted air, sit in their infected chair and handle their fouled magazines.  Who knows what microbes you have given or received?  Talk about a “human petri dish” and you’re not even on a cruise!

Finally, you are called back to an examination room where you will languish in solitary confinement – often for more time than you spent in the waiting room.  Wipe out any of your previously scheduled appointments, projects, or meetings.  Chances are good you will not make them.  But you had better make your doctor’s appointment because if you don’t…it will be a long time before you can get in again.

Let’s say you are so sick you can barely roll out of bed to feverishly stumble to the bathroom – much less get to the Doctor’s office.  Too bad!  You will have to get well enough to go see why you have been so sick!  House calls have gone the way of the horse and buggy.  Emergency rooms or walk-in clinics are just as bad – maybe worse.  So what’s the answer?  Simple.  Don’t get sick!

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