Monthly Archives: October 2009

Thinking about Morality

The truth is, I am writing this when I should be doing something else.  But it is also true that if I don’t write it when I’m thinking it,  it never gets done.

Right now I am thinking about the press to make laws about abortion, marriage, the rights of the sexually deviant, etc.  It occurs to me that while we must legislate morality or descend into anarchy and pandemonium, it can only be a band-aid on a laceration.

Here’s the truth: you can legislate morality but immorality will continue among the immoral.  The only true defense against immorality is a moral mindset and lifestyle.  As Christians, we must be about the business of moral persuasion and modeling morality.  We must change ourselves, our neighborhood, community and nation.  That will not happen in the courts and the halls of legislature.  It will only happen when the teachings of the Master transform us into His likeness.


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