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Political Peer Pressure

Apparently our two party system puts a tremendous strain on individual integrity.  Only the strong survive.  We observe a congress where the members vote along party lines regardless of their true convictions or the wishes of their constituency.  The pressure must be intense.  I say this because most Republicans and Democrats are swept along with the tide of their leadership’s agenda instead of standing on principle, truth or, sadly, logic and common sense.  This means if the leadership is idiotic, those who cannot resist the pressure of their peers will decide to be idiotic also!  They will “go along to get along.”

Is anyone left who will stand for what they believe regardless?  Is there anyone left who will truly represent those who elected him or her?  If they are “out there,” let’s find them and elevate them to leadership in our poor, confused, declining nation.  Looking critically at our sacred three-branched government, I don’t think we’ve found them yet.

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Seems Pretty Simple

It seems pretty simple to me.

  • If you want to keep sending our sons and daughters to die in more doomed-to-failure nation-building efforts around the world
  • If you want to keep sending billions to nations that hate our guts
  • If you want to keep printing money that has no backing
  • If you want to keep a speech-making failure in office
  • If you want a hypocritical, pompous ass as the leader of the free world
  • If you want an out-of-touch person who has demonstrated a lack of critical thinking to be making decisions for our nation
  • If you want to put a “Washington Insider” further inside
  • If you think the Constitution was a quaint, nice beginning but now it is time to “move on”
  • If you want to continue indiscriminate welfare payments to aliens and people who can work but will not

Then vote for Obama, Gingrich, Romney or Santorum.

Or, you could vote for Ron Paul, the only candidate with a proven track record who will deal with these issues.

The truth is: none of them can save a nation seemingly bent on racing toward its own downfall.  But President Paul can definitely help put the brakes on.  Seems pretty simple to me.

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Sarah Palin

So…what have we learned about Sarah Palin?

Well, we have learned that she is ambitious, brave, tough, crafty, stubborn and very human.  She has adjusted her stand when she understood that certain positions were politically unwise and counterproductive (right moves for the wrong reasons?).  She makes some statements about what is God’s will based on her dispensationalist, pentecostal, right-wing evangelical mindset.  She has made statements that are not accurate or particularly truthful.  In other words, she is a politician with all the positives and negatives.

My conclusion (which, I confess could change prior to the election) is that she is just like the others in this race.  So, our choices are narrowed down to two sets of questionable candidates.  Good grief!  What will I do on election day?  At the moment, I am going to write in Ron Paul.  Yes, I’m going to throw away my vote to make a statement.

Here is my prayer:  Dear God, send us someone with integrity who is honest to the bone and will put the good of our nation above personal, special or party interests.  Amen.


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See if you agree with Chuck

ronpaul2008b.jpg I’m getting a little tired of hearing that Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance. I challenge my American readers to read this article by Chuck Baldwin. Dr. Paul may not make it to the White House (don’t count him out yet!) but his ideas will live on. He’s a man whose principles and philosophy need to be taken seriously by lovers of freedom. Thanks to Bob Chapman for alerting me to this excellent article.

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