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Scare Tactics

scare-tactics.jpg Are you tired of some evangelicals trying to scare you with their predictions of a “rapture” where all your righteous friends and loved ones will be instantly jerked out of the world into eternity? Tell you what…let’s jerk a little reality into the discussion.

Most of these scare-mongers are using their personal interpretation of Bible prophecy to flog their wares (books, movies, etc.). Really, this is nothing new. Here’s the recipe: take an obscure passage from scripture (preferably, Revelation), misinterpret it and, voila! Instant terror! Get ‘em scared and they’ll buy whatever you’re selling. Continue reading


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Ben Stein’s Confession

The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary.  He has a quote from Anne Graham that I’m not in full agreement with but the rest of it is worth reading by my thoughtful readers (I don’t think I have any “unthoughtful” ones!).  Let me know what you think.


My confession:

I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish.  And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees Christmas trees. I don’t feel threatened. I don’t feel discriminated against. That’s what they are:  Christmas trees. Continue reading


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Ron Paul Makes Sense

ronpaul-1.jpg It has been my policy on this blog to avoid politics. I think the answers to this world’s problems can be found in the teachings of Jesus. But I think I will make an exception for a man who seems exceptional — Ron Paul.

I didn’t listen long before I heard him say the things I have been thinking for a long time. Instead of outlining those positions here, let me urge you to give him a hearing. Listen to some of his speeches on YouTube. Check out his website

I was developing a strong “Why bother?” attitude until I explored his positions on the issues.  His sensible analyses of our current problems and the solutions he suggests make sense.

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Further Thoughts on Good and Evil

thinker.jpg If you read the comments regarding Thoughts on Good and Evil, you notice that one commentator writes, “The Problem of Evil is the biggest problem theists have for the claim that god exists. Your argument doesn’t diminish it at all.”

The commentator (aka “The Spanish Inquisitor”) is an attorney, so he knows that Continue reading


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Thoughts on Good and Evil

yin-yang.gif In my recent give and take with atheists and agnostics it is often the existence of evil in our world that is given as a rationale for the rejection of the existence of a supreme being…a God who has created and is still involved in the world. Continue reading


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A System Based on Fear

doctor.jpg The modern con-game that is health insurance is a system based on fear. This reality forced its way into my conscience recently when my wife had to have a Cat (Computed Axial Tomography) Scan. This required test cost $2,691 when paid up front and $5,000 if paid out (more about this later). My so-called “health insurance” would pay nothing if I paid up front and $200 if I was stuck with the $5,000. I realized that since our premiums are in the $700-per-month range, that four months worth would have paid the bill. Continue reading


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Who Owns Israel?

landloss.jpg   Do Israelis have a divine right to what is now called Israel?  Who does the land occupied by the modern state of Israel belong to?  Should Christians support Israel’s right to exist as a divine right?  Are the Jews still God’s separate chosen people?  Consider the following points: Continue reading


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Fundraising Forever

food_fundraising_main.jpg    Fundraising is the bane and blessing of missionaries and ministries.  It is something missionaries and those who recruit and train them must do constantly.  That’s what I’m doing today…getting out letters, brochures and reports as fast as I can but also being as personal as I can.  So far I have resisted machine-addressing the envelopes.  Hopefully, someday, we will have so many donors that it can’t be done by hand.

Fundraising is a blessing because you are rallying those who believe in you and what you are trying to do for the Lord!  The work of missions is impossible without someone to go and someone to send.  The one is a blessing to the other.

Fundraising can be a bane because those dollars are hard won!  There’s more than enough to go around but convincing your donors of the worthiness of your cause is a challenge.  Fundraising takes a lot of time and energy…one is tempted to think that energy is better invested pursuing the ministry task.  The fundraiser must remember that without partners the task is impossible.

As we approach presidential elections, it is amazing how much the candidates are able to quickly raise for political causes and how difficult it is to raise funds for spiritual causes.  I think it ought to be the other way around!

Be sure and have a look at our Mission South Pacific website:  You like the logo?  My son the artist designed it.


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Consumer Christianity

I want to feature guest writer Edward Fudge’s comments on the consumer mentality that has undoubtedly contributed to the decline of kingdom growth. — Dwight

Edward Fudge

The modern generation, we are told, looks at church through consumer eyes. They are spiritual shoppers, going from one congregation to another, inspecting the “merchandise” for quality, comparing elements of convenience, service and cost. Churches that wish to grow (or even to survive) are expected to be customer-oriented, ever-happy providers dispensing whatever satisfies the public and makes the shoppers content.

It is certainly biblical and desirable to care about people and to serve others joyfully in the name of Christ. It is also wise to try to learn the language of those with whom we wish to speak. But the whole concept described above, I suggest, tragically bypasses the gospel and distorts the New Testament picture of church as God intends it. Continue reading


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msp-horz-4c-sm.jpg The Whitticisms blog, you may have noticed, is my “pressure release valve.” On this site, I can pontificate about anything that strikes my fancy, riles me up, piques my interest, etc. (and too many things do!).

But my real work is a non-profit ministry we call “Mission South Pacific.” This is a multifaceted form of Christian mission work in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.

You may have a closer, more detailed look by going to our website. And, of course, if you wish to contribute to the cause, your help will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Our contact information may be found there. And, of course, if you have any questions or would like to discuss this work, I will happily oblige.

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