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eyeseeyouI am thankful to God for so many things…primarily that He has loved me so much that He has made provision for my eternity through the gift of His Son and the Grace and truth He introduced into the world.  It is beyond possible to thank Him enough.

I also have multitudes of people to thank in this life.  If it were not for my late father-in-law, and his generosity life would have been very difficult in some of the early years of our marriage when medical bills threatened to sink our ship.  I don’t think we ever asked for his help, he was just tuned-in enough to know when it was needed.  I trust he is enjoying his heavenly reward.

Nearly every job I’ve had was the result of someone suggesting, recommending, pulling strings, pulling rank or vouching for me.  I can only think of a few times I was hired because I acted totally on my own.

The church has been the source of so many blessings.  Lake Highlands church in Dallas was my sponsoring congregation as Brenda and I did mission work in Australia.  Aside from their prayers and monetary support, they sent things to us that made our work easier.  North Davis church in Arlington literally saved us from being homeless and broke during a very difficult time.  Our present church home, University church in Abilene has overflowed with kindness toward us many times.

I don’t ever want to be guilty of forgetting those I cannot embarrass by naming here.  Brenda and I have been the recipient of gifts from many people in Australia and here at home.  Frequently those gifts have arrived at very critical times.  We have enjoyed the hospitality of wonderful Australian and New Zealand saints in our travels.  They have fed us, sheltered us and entertained us simply out of their love for Jesus.  Truly, God works through His people!

In my meditations I often review, with tears, the kindnesses and mercies of God and His people who have loved us, prayed for us and given to us.  I can only say from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU!

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Doctor’s Office Dilemma

eyeseeyouDoctor’s offices are odd places.  Yes, you have an appointment and you manage to arrive on time or, maybe, a bit early.  Then, early or late, the waiting begins.  You will wait for thirty minutes to one hour in a room filled with sick people.  If you are not sick when you arrive, it is certain that you will be exposed to some malady before you depart.  You will breathe their polluted air, sit in their infected chair and handle their fouled magazines.  Who knows what microbes you have given or received?  Talk about a “human petri dish” and you’re not even on a cruise!

Finally, you are called back to an examination room where you will languish in solitary confinement – often for more time than you spent in the waiting room.  Wipe out any of your previously scheduled appointments, projects, or meetings.  Chances are good you will not make them.  But you had better make your doctor’s appointment because if you don’t…it will be a long time before you can get in again.

Let’s say you are so sick you can barely roll out of bed to feverishly stumble to the bathroom – much less get to the Doctor’s office.  Too bad!  You will have to get well enough to go see why you have been so sick!  House calls have gone the way of the horse and buggy.  Emergency rooms or walk-in clinics are just as bad – maybe worse.  So what’s the answer?  Simple.  Don’t get sick!

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eyeseeyouTake this from a person who has made their share of writing boo-boos.  I rarely have a perfect first draft of anything I write.  I have learned (painfully) to carefully go over what I write and almost invariably discover something that would be embarrassing to publish.  This is especially critical when writing advertising copy destined be read by great multitudes.

Today I came across this example:

“Over time, this can add to unwanted weight gain that you do not want.”

A good, solid edit would have discovered this and restructured it.  Unwanted mistakes like this are something you do not want.

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