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A Connection?

I enjoy living in Abilene.  We love our little piece of earth we call “Charamon.”  Over the years, I have lived or had extended stays in several large metropolitan areas in the United States and Australia.

Never have I stayed a city where more people ran red lights than Abilene, Texas.  Yesterday in one short drive to the grocery store and back, I saw two blatant violations.  Never have I stayed in a city where there were more emergency vehicle sirens blaring at all hours than Abilene, Texas.

Could there be some kind of a connection?


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The Grassroots Imperative

Big “agribusiness” is not about to change its ways.  They are greedy profit-driven monsters with enough lobbyists in Washington and courtroom lawyers to keep the government and the courts off their backs.  They are big bullies that are too powerful to defeat.

Just think about it.  To put these bullies in their place would require equal justice in the courts and a majority of ethical senators and representatives.  Don’t hold your breath!

So, what’s left?  Only ourselves and our small farms and backyard gardens.  We must start growing as much of our own food as possible.  Take out those lawns and put in fruits and vegetables.  Get some chickens for eggs and maybe some meat and, if you have room, a milk cow or goat.  Get the rest from local farmers and organic food stores.

If you can’t defeat them, desert them.

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