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Thelma Luvenia “Lu” Whitsett is my recently widowed beloved mother.  She is a resident of Wisteria Place in Abilene.  She has a nice apartment in the assisted living section.  She is 89 years old and is known for her common sense coupled with an amazing sense of humor.  She is a former resident of Brownwood, Texas and lived most of her married life in the oilfield.  Here is her response to the gulf oil spill.

Who is guilty?  Not I – ha!

I want my comforts – all the things that oil money can purchase.  How about you?  Are you willing to give up some of your luxuries?

BP and all those other oil magnates only respond to the markets we create.

What about those unsightly wind turbines cluttering up acre after acre of hills and dales?

There are numerous examples but my point is that we cause many of our problems because of our excessive desire for “things.”

Can this terrible situation teach us anything?  Maybe so – I hope.

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