About Dwight Whitsett


dwight Whitsett grew up in Odessa, Texas and married Brenda Sullivan in 1962. They have four grown children, Tim, Amy, Justin and Nathan. He is grandfather to Heather, Graeme, Adelaide, Mira, Sophia, Gray, Ian and Liam. He was educated at North Texas State University (now University of North Texas), Sunset International Bible Institute and Southern Christian University. He holds BA and MA degrees.

Dwight served as evangelist to Adelaide, South Australia for nine years beginning in 1967 and has remained actively interested and involved in the work in Australia and New Zealand. He makes frequent tours of duty in the region from four to nine weeks in duration.


Missions Coordinator for Oceania

2002 to 2010 Sunset International Bible Institute

Lubbock, TX

Director for Church Equipping 1999 – 2001 Missions Resource Network

Abilene, TX

Preacher 1991 – 1998

GrapevineChurch of Christ

Grapevine, TX
Businessman, freelance preacher, elder 1987 – 1991

NorthDavisChurch of Christ

Arlington, TX

Preacher 1985 – 1987

NorthOakChurch of Christ

Mineral Wells, TX
Preacher 1979 – 1985 Andrews Church of Christ Andrews, TX
Preacher 1976 – 1979

WestsideChurch of Christ

El Paso, TX

Missionary to South Australia

1967 – 1976

LakeHighlandsChurch of Christ

Dallas, TX


“When a great work and an equally great person come together there is promise of much good. Dwight has a passion for ministry in the South Pacific, tempered and enriched by three decades of fruitful experience. As a gifted speaker, writer and church planter he has provided superb leadership in recruiting, in ministry training and mission encouragement. He is genuine, entirely trustworthy and dedicated.”  — Truman Scott

About our place: Charamon is the name of our little oasis in Abilene, Texas. Since my wife and I are descended from Irish and Scots-Irish, we used an Irish name meaning “Refuge.” We have a very large (for me) vegetable garden which we cultivate using organic practices (you know, compost, mulch, no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc).

My Interests: I enjoy woodcarving and carved professionally for a couple of years.  Recently I have begun to accept commissions for carving.  I am a Christian and student of the Bible and apologetics. I also sing when I get a chance (bass/baritone/tenor – if not too high). I think if I had not become a teacher, I would be a farmer. I am very interested in agricultural and water issues (conservation, irrigation, aquifers, rainwater collection, etc.).

I Dislike: partisan politics, the latest gunk on celebrities, arrogance in any form, lying, money-grubbing televangelists, making beds, thoughtlessness, selfishness, undercurrents (want everything “on the table”)

My Blogs:
: dwhitsett.wordpress.com
In the Charamon Garden: westexasgardener.com
Whitsett Woodcarving: whitcarv.wordpress.com
Mission South Pacific: missionsouthpacific.wordpress.com


325-370-7448 (cell/mobile)

E-mail: dwight.whitsett@gmail.com

10 responses to “About Dwight Whitsett

  1. Paul Wells

    Dear Dwight, you might remember me, I spent many informative evenings with you & your family at Para Hills, Sth Australia along with my then wife Carol. We had not long returned from Missionary service with the United Church in the Northern Territory. Herman Alexander was another I recall from the Para Hills Church of Christ. I think you were both present when you baptised us in a swimming pool belonging to a Church member.
    After divorce and many years in the wilderness I am in contact with the Church of Christ at Para Hills and doing Bible Studies by correspondence. I have thought of you often with fondness and hope you reply to my email.
    Yours, Paul Wells.

  2. Hello!,

    my name is Tiffany Rose, and I am a senior at Lake Highlands High School, and take newspaper with your nephew Paul Davis Whitsett. He mentioned you in a conversation that we had recently, and I was curisous about your ministry. Please feel free to email me at Tiff_ani@msn.com, and also I think it would mean a lot to Paul Davis if you were to give him a call or send him an email. Thank you for your time, and response.

    Sincerly, Tiffany Rose

  3. Please Kindly pass on this email print out to the missions committee, churches, Christian believers.
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    ………Psalms 41:1

    This is not a letter for funds or financial support
    Dear Spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ,
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    Inexplicable, we have no foreign funding or support.
    Its increasingly difficult to face the financial hardships.
    Surely there may be some unspent, surplus money is being accumulated in your church.
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    Prov 22:9

  4. Thanks and if u don’t mind I’ll add you to my side bar blog roll; maaark.wordpress.com

  5. dwhitsett

    I would be honored.

  6. Sharon White

    My husband and I met you yesterday while you were visiting with our mutual friend Randy. I was awakened early this morning and, remembering our conversation, spent some time in prayer for you, your family, and Randy. I know God is blessing you.
    Reading your work history, I see that you were in Mineral Wells; then I remembered my late brother and sister-in-law speaking of you many years ago. They were. C.L. and Lou Ann Young; they spoke highly of you.
    You interest in gardening will bless you, because those foods will bring improved health for you and your wife.

  7. Liz

    Sooo glad to know about you and your family
    I have thought about all of you a thousand times . You made such a huge impression on my life (great one). Would love to see all of you!

  8. dwhitsett

    Hi Liz! We too have thought of you a thousand times. You are one of our favorite people. I hope there will eventually be some way we can visit…I know Brenda especially would love to see you. She is hardly ever well…but she is a tough lady and perseveres.

  9. Hi, Dwight! I just stumbled across your blog and realized that you were the preacher at the Church of Christ that I attended while I was in High School in El Paso, Texas. (This is Cathy Hampton.) It has been a few years! 😉 I enjoyed reading the blog, catching up.

  10. dwhitsett

    Hi Catherine! Thank you for your comment. Yes it has been a few years…MANY years. I hope all is well with you and yours.

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