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Clinton and Religion

I love it when our terrible choices for President of the United States clearly reveal themselves.  Hillary Clinton recently made clear her views on religion.  She said:

 “Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper.” “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Religious beliefs have to be changed? Who will do the changing and by what authority? How will such changes be enforced? Who will do the enforcing?

Christian beliefs are not chosen. “Political will” does not determine what we believe and practice.  Christians are folks who have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is now the boss of all that we do, say and believe.  We model our conduct after His conduct.

Changing our beliefs to fit in with changing cultures is totally against the will of God. We are counter cultural. We stand against ungodly parts of any culture. We will never agree to compromise our faith simply because someone doesn’t like it.

And, by the way, we will continue to proclaim that the way of Jesus is the only way that makes sense.  It is the only way to salvation and eternal life (heaven).  It is the only way there will ever be peace in our divided, war torn, inhumane, racist, greedy, corrupt, immoral and cruel world.

Nothing will change until hearts are changed. People will continue to kill babies and accommodate behavior God considers abominable until hearts are transformed and turned to the One who made us.


  1. Is there really such a thing and right and wrong?
  2. What about “gray areas?”
  1. How does one determine what is right and what is wrong?
  2. Is right and wrong determined by the Supreme Court or an act of Congress?
  3. Should the dictates and decisions of the Congress or SCOTUS be accepted and obeyed by all citizens? Why? Why not?
  4. Do you agree or disagree with this article? Tell me why.

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