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A Stranger in Paradise

am-samoa.jpg   Malo! (hello)

I am writing this post from an island somewhere in the Pacific.  Part of my work is to visit and work with congregations sprinkled across the South Pacific.  I know, I know…tough work but somebody’s got to do it.  Not only is American Samoa beautiful, but it is filled with beautiful people.  It is a joy to be here!  The Samoan language is lovely to listen to but impossible for newly arrived Palangi’s (non Samoans) to understand.  My host, Lynn Ashley (a Palangi) has lived here for fourteen years and speaks Samoan fluently.  Thankfully, most Samoans speak English but they love it if you try to learn some words.  The people are friendly, laid back and courteous.  If you are looking for a place that is not “touristy”…American Samoa is a good choice.  

If any of my readers would like to receive email reports regarding our ministry, MISSION SOUTH PACIFIC, just drop me a line at dwight.whitsett@gmail. com and I’ll add you to the list.  Lots of pictures.  Never “preachy.”

Until later, Tofa Soifua (goodbye)

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Random thought No. 1

A “random thought” is just something that came to mind…not part of any essay…yet.

I think it is safe to say that more harm has been done to the kingdom by hypocrisy (by that I mean: Christians behaving badly) than all the ranting of atheists and humanistic philosophers. Our way of life must depict the life of Christ or it is counterproductive and worthless. The Christian life must speak for itself but what it says all too often is, “I don’t really believe all this stuff.”


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Looking for Myself


I have gone out to look for myself.

If I should return before I get back

Please hold me until I get here.

            “I just don’t know who I am anymore.”  “I need some time to find myself.”  Such statements reflect the confusion that overtakes us as we speed along in the fast lane.  In our hurried and harried way of life, we lose touch with ourselves quickly and easily.  Lured by the siren song of Satan, we seem snared in a destructive cycle of commuting, working, watching television…filling all our waking moments Continue reading


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Jesus Christ Changes People

change-4.jpg Christianity, when accepted, internalized, and practiced, changes people. Change begins with repentance, even before one rises from baptism’s death and burial (Rom. 6:3-6). The religion of Jesus Christ embodies change. People involved in the worst of sins are forgiven and changed in the Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2), we thus become new creatures (2 Cor. 5:17) who laid aside the old self and put on the new self (Eph. 4:24; Col. 2:9,10). Anyone claiming to follow Christ yet remaining unchanged Continue reading

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Only a few copies left!


I want to remind readers about my book, The Urgent Revolution, which is available from SIBI Extension School Bookstore. I am proud of the reviews by the late Cline Paden and the late Richard Rogers. Have a look (click the link on the right: “Books by Dwight Whitsett,”), read the reviews and order a copy online. I think you’ll benefit and you’ll be benefiting our ministry as well.

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Word from a Gulf War Veteran

Reaction has been mixed to my two blogs on the Iraq war…which I expected. Today I got a comment from Coy Thorpe that I think deserves being featured on today’s blog. I prefer to think GWB was not lying but operating on faulty intelligence. But now that we know the truth, it is time to make an exit. Furthermore, I agree with Coy that we are trying to force Western democracy upon people who are, at the most, ambivalent about it. Haven’t we got better things to do? Haven’t we got better causes to fight and die for?


I followed a link to your site from Kerry Williams’ blog and read this post. I couldn’t agree more. I tire of the idea that nonsupport for the current war in Iraq=not a patriot. I am also tired of the larger portion of Christianity saying that if I do not vote Republican in any election, I am in error, and possibly sinning.

Regardless of the President’s morality, he has lied to us to support this fiasco in Iraq, and last I checked, that WAS a sin. I know that I am a sinner, and that it is by God’s grace that I am allowed the relationship with him through Christ that I currently have. I know that I do not stand in ultimate judgment of GWB, or any other man. Neither of those things stop me from exercising good judgment.

For those keeping score, I served this country for six years during the first Gulf War. A war which I supported because it re-established a free country with kinship ties to this country in a vital region. Now? Now we are being bullies, forcing our policies down the throats of others, calling each other un-American if you don’t agree.

My prayer mirrors yours: bring those men and women home, where they can do more good in support of this nation we call home, and stand out of harm’s way without true necessity.

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World Evangelism is a “God Thing”

6.5 Billion! Mind-blowing, isn’t it? How can we possibly be expected to bring the good news to all those people? Illogical! Unreasonable! No way! Staring at the overwhelming task, we’re tempted to opt out. And yet, Jesus says, “Do it.”

Okay, so let’s ask ourselves, would he give us a command without also giving us everything we need to obey it? Not likely!

You see, he always expects us to do His will with His power and provisions (1 Peter 4:11). Consider a couple of passages that prove the point: Philippians 4:19 and 2 Corinthians 9:8, 10 and 11.

Also remember that, along with the tools, we are stewards of a mighty message with guaranteed effectiveness (Isaiah 55:10,11; 2 Corinthians 4:7 and Romans 1:16). Continue reading


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Cline R. Paden

On Wednesday, May 30, 2007, I attended the funeral of one of the truly great Christian leaders of our time, Cline R. Paden. 

He has been called a “modern-day Paul” and, from the beginning, that’s exactly how I saw him.  To be in his presence was awesome.  Here was a true missionary who had actually suffered for the cause of Christ! 

I first met Cline in 1965.  Continue reading


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silouette.gif   From time to time I will be posting material from the most prolific author of all time, Anonymous. Many organizations have been named after him. I know Anonymous must be male because who would give their daughter such a name? People often give money and stuff trying to make it look like the gift came from him. How famous can you get?

There may be more than one person with that moniker.  You know, the person that writes angry/obscene letters using his name? Here’s a little poem in limerick style I wrote especially for this particular Anonymous:

Here’s to the writer, Anonymous,
With trouble his name is synonymous,
His address is unknown,
Never answers his phone,
He won’t say a word to the rest of us.

You might even say he’s quite villainous
The letters he writes somewhat boisterous
He just has one name,
So it’s hard to pin blame,
When Anonymous kicks up a ruckus.

Anonymous is very ubiquitous
Pompous, contentious, cantankerous
This is his description,
But with no fixed location,
His true essence seems quite amorphous.


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What we can and cannot do

Here are some ramblings considering my previous post: The USA needs to quit bragging about how we are the greatest nation in the world (we aren’t and no amount of bragging will change that) and start taking care of our own business.  That way, we might be able to provide some basis for our boasting.  Take those billions spent on war and start taking care of our own people.

We need a humane immigration policy but we need to close our borders…let’s use our troops for that.

Let’s take the money we save and provide health care for those who cannot afford it.  We cannot right every wrong in the world but we can right some wrongs in our own nation.

Look at those countries we have helped with billions in aid and military assistance.  Do they like us?  When we are in trouble will they reciprocate?  Maybe when pigs fly.

I have a lot of other suggestions nobody is asking for, but that’s what blogging is about…isn’t it?


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