Please! No More O.J.!

nausea.gif If you want to watch the news in the last few days, you’d better be interested in what is happening to O.J. Simpson. Frankly, I could not be less interested. Journalists have some way of measuring interest and only report what titillates the general public. If this is what people are interested in…we’re all in trouble!

Notice how “O.J.ism” has trumped plane crashes, earthquakes, war, political turmoil, and hurricanes. Here at the Whitsett household, we are disgusted. We have had all we can stomach without puking. We are thinking seriously about boycotting American newscasts until further notice. What is it that makes this guy so fascinating? On second thought, don’t tell me…I don’t think I would like the answer.



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4 responses to “Please! No More O.J.!

  1. I get very irritated with broadcast news. One of the main problems with having 24 hour news shows is that we almost have to manufacture news. I hate it. The internet is getting bad too in that regard. is littered with ridiculous “news” stories that are there just to fill space, I’m sure.

    Broadcast news is interesting to me. The whole system is based on convincing us we need to know what they’re reporting. “The team you know and trust.” What?! And then the Today show tries to solve your relationship problems in a three minute segment. Are you serious?! I get irritated with the local news because they try to be like the big shows but fail miserably. I especially hate when big news “breaks,” but we have no idea what is going on, so they just show the same live helicopter shot and bring in “experts” to speculate on what’s happening? News? I don’t think so.

    And then there’s the fact that we contribute to the problem; they report on it because we respond. I hate reading those blogs that say something like, “I don’t want to contribute to the problem, but…” Well, you just did. (I’m not referencing your post, I think this was needed.) Whether we talk about it because we’re interested or talk about it because we irritated, we’re still talking about it.

    I remember a while back some kind of celebrity news broke and Anderson Cooper (from CNN) refused to report it on his show because he wanted to deal with the things that mattered. He got so much media flack from everyone else that the very next night he was reporting on it.


  2. Wow, my comment was longer than your post. Sorry!

  3. Brandon, me mate…how true, how true! Your long comments are welcome anytime.

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